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Bear's Den Massage reserves the right to refuse treatment or services to any person, at any time, for any reason. Such refusals shall be deemed appropriate when they regard the health, safety, and welfare of the therapeutic environment or the clinical relationship. This policy establishes a protocol to protect what is in the best interest of both client and practitioner.

Appointment cancellations are expected at minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.  Bear's Den Massage reserves the right to charge, redeem  third party vouchers/gift cards or charge a client's credit card for the full fee of the session time in which the appointment was  scheduled for.   

Extenuating  circumstances   are always taken into consideration when enforcing this policy.

If clients arrive late for their scheduled appointment, Bear's Den Massage reserves the right to reduce the appointment time by the number of minutes that the client is late. This policy ensure any appointments scheduled after the allotted appointment time are able to begin on time. 

At Bear’s Den Massage- all people are welcome regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. All people served with respect and without judgement or bias. 

At Bear's Den Massage all client's can expect treatment and services to be provided professionally and confidentially as written  in our Privacy Notice. 

Bear’s Den Massage  is required by applicable federal and state laws to maintain the privacy of your health information. Protected Health Information (PHI) is the information I create and maintain in providing treatment & services to you.


No Health or Appointment  related information is released without PRIOR written consent from the Client. 


A full version of our Privacy Notice is available in our  Client Reference Manual or by CLICKING HERE

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